UPVC Window And Door Spraying

With our UPVC Window Spraying service you can change the colour of your UPVC windows and doors in a few hours from only £ 170 per window and £ 220 per door depending on size and shape.

We offer our UPVC Window Spraying service in the Wirral, Ellesmere Port, Chester and Cheshire area.  We are happy to come out and offer a free consultation survey to confirm colours ansd quotation.

What is the problem?

All plastic degrades over times and UPVC, especially white UPVC windows and doors, tend to turn yellowish, look soiled and get mouldy. They can be brought back to life by spraying them with a paint that is specially formulated to stock to UPVC and resist weathering and blistering. 

UPVC Window Spraying

This is our 4 Step Process

  1. Clean and degrease
  2. Mask the windows and furniture
  3. Prepare the paint and machinery
  4. Spray the windows and doors

We offer a variety of colours to suit all tastes and the cost of the work will depend upon the size, shape and number of things to be sprayed.

We are a local business. We offer competitive rates and free no obligation quotes.  Call us on 0151 348 0793 for more information.

UPVC front door sprayed anthracite grey
front door resprayed
bifold doors sprayed anthracite grey
bifold doors and upstairs window

If you would like some doors and windows resprayed then don’t hesitate!  Call the number below today!

In this series of pictures you can see some examples from a renovation project completely recently.

5 reasons to spray your windows and doors

  1. The cost of spraying is far less than the cost of replacement.
  2. You improve the look of your property and can add value to your home.
  3. You get a quick fix – your windows and doors will normally be completed in a  day or two.
  4. With the minimum of maintenance your windows will last for years.
  5. We guarantee the paintwork for 10 years.